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Where to Stay in Vietnam

Vietnam Accommodation
During your Vietnam trip with us you’ll stay in Vietnam accommodation that reflects the character of your surroundings. You’ll experience a wide variety of styles and standards of Vietnam accommodation. You might spend a night with a mountain tribe, on a traditional Chinese Junk, or in a beach bungalow on a tropical island. We use a hand-picked selection of authentic hotels with lots of local character, and therefore steer clear of international chains. We personally ensure that each property has the right combination of features such as cleanliness, location, friendly staff and good service. We’re confident that you’ll enjoy our Vietnam accommodation options just as much as our previous customers.

We use a pool of Vietnam accommodation in each destination, which means that if one hotel is full, we are able to offer another of equal standard. Once your booking is confirmed, we’ll send you a comprehensive list of the hotels you’ll be staying in.

At Vietnam Travel Plan, you can build your own completely personal Vietnam trip by piecing together a selection of our bite-sized Vietnam tours. Alternatively, you can opt for one of our ready-made suggested holidays in Vietnam.

Special Stay Accommodation – Category 4

Location and comfort are the two most important factors when selecting suitable hotels for this accommodation category. Our choice of hotels in this category are priced slightly higher than our standard accommodation but it offers you something extra special in terms of atmosphere or it offers a unique view of your surroundings.

An example of this is our special stay options in Hoi An, where you can choose to stay by the truly atmospheric Thu Bồn River or near the quiet Cua Dai Beach. Special stay accommodation can also be an extra special treat at the end of a trip. Ask one of our travel specialists for tips on where to add a special stay to your itinerary.

Comfortable Accommodation
– Category 3
– Standard for Vietnam Travel Plan

A warm and inviting atmosphere, small-scale charm, cleanliness and a favourable location are all important when deciding on where to stay in Vietnam. Most of the hotels offered by Vietnam Travel Plan falls within this category. A sense of privacy and some comfort are also important during travel, so we’ll book a private room and an en-suite bathroom for you as well.

You can expect a mid-range bungalow or hotel/guesthouse, usually air-conditioning. Sometimes you will even find a swimming pool on the premises. The hotel during our Sapa trip is an example of level 3.

Simple Accommodation
– Category 2

Sometimes when deciding where to stay in Vietnam, there aren’t as many options, or accommodation isn’t as important as what you’ll experience when you step out of your front door. Our simple accommodation category offers you modest, yet reasonably comfortable accommodation options. You’ll have your own room with your own facilities and since walls can be thin at this type of accommodation, you may want to bring along a pair of ear plugs, just in case!

Examples of this level of accommodation include a cabin or room with its own small bathroom. In such circumstances there is usually a fan and mosquito net. These hotels generally possess an authentic rustic atmosphere and/or are situated in a particularly spectacular location. Our Vietnam beach trip is a great example of this level.

Basic Accommodation
– Category 1

In this category you really will be going back to basics! If you are visiting some of the remote areas in Vietnam then you will be staying in a hill tribe hut or stilted house. You will be provided with a mattress on the wooden floor. Showers are behind the fence alongside the stream and warm water is scarce in these types of accommodation.

You will be staying in this category of accommodation during your traditional Vietnam trip to Mai Chau.This gives you a fantastic insight into the lifestyle of the hill-tribes and although basic, it really is an experience! 

Cosy and very authentic, overnight train trips are also included in this type of accommodation.

Previous Customer Feedback

All accommodation was good and hotel staff very helpful. Was great to be able to leave most of our baggage at the hotels and just take a rucksack on overnight stays. L Wharton

The accommodation was varied and reflected the diverse culture. M Smith

The hotels were all very acceptable. The best hotel in terms of the facilities was the overnight one on the Mekong Trip. The best in terms of staff were the Hue hotel and the Boutique Hotel, in Hanoi. Of course we loved the bungalows on Palm Island! R Lewis

Hotel in Hoi An was excellent. Generally, all accommodation was of a good standard. P Hogg

The Hotel in Hue was really nice but all accommodation was excellent. C Allen

All accommodation was great but the hotel in Sapa was outstanding and so friendly. A Maclachlan

Location of all hotels was good. All were efficient and clean. G Macdonald

The Phu Quoc resort was wonderful, but the Palm Island resort and the hotel in Can Tho were also great. A Berry

All hotel staff across the country were very helpful and were happy to store valuables and luggage while I was on the trip. A Savas

Authentic Hotel in Hanoi – the family who run it (especially the two boys who did all the running around) were so friendly and helpful. It was also ideally located. We couldn’t have asked for anything more. N Foreman

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